Meet the #RICE24 Store Design & Omni Experience Advisory Council - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Meet the #RICE24 Store Design & Omni Experience Advisory Council

You’ve likely seen a few of our blogs spotlighting members of our Ecommerce Advisory Council. To ensure we’re effectively analyzing and understanding the vast changes to the retail industry, we have another council focused on store design and omnichannel experience.

This group represents the best in our industry — true thought leaders who are not just passionate about their work but passionate about the industry as a whole! They also have incredibly diverse backgrounds and career paths, ranging from executive leadership roles at some of world’s top design and strategy firms, to in-house design leaders at some of consumers’ most beloved brands. To kick off our series spotlighting this advisory council, I’m thrilled to introduce Beth Warren, SVP of Marketing at Creative Realities, which provides end-to-end solutions and strategic services to help companies in retail, QSR and healthcare use digital signage to drive business results. Warren sits at the intersection of brand strategy, store design and technology, which means she always offers an invaluable perspective on the trends driving retail forward.

Get to know Beth a little more by reading her Q&A below!

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE): How would you define the evolved customer journey?

Beth Warren: The evolved customer journey is being able to find what you want with as few stops, aisles, taps and buttons as possible – so it is in my hands in next to no time. It also means visiting a commercial shopping space that is so extraordinary I couldn’t tell if I was in a commercial space or a museum. It is so well curated, designed, and merchandised that I would want one of everything and not leave until the store is closed!

RICE: What excites you the most about the retail industry?

Warren: The idea that every space we experience, transact, or dwell in can be a retail moment. This allows for us to pull from every conceivable space format for inspiration, and to continually elevate regardless of size, footprint, location, or space. Everything is possible when the primary goal is to deliver experience for the public to be drawn to first, which then inspires them to pull out their wallet or phone.

RICE: What’s one motto that you live by?

Warren: Be original.

RICE: What is your top tip to prevent burnout?

Warren: Take a four-day weekend once every quarter ALONE and immerse yourself in art or nature to cleanse the brain and refresh.

RICE: What productivity hack do you swear by?

Warren: AI platforms like Gamma can help you create slide decks on a dime.

RICE: What do you believe is the most underestimated leadership trait today?

Warren: Loyalty, then courage.

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