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How NOBULL is Taking a Shopper-First Approach to Loyalty

It’s getting harder for retail brands to win, let alone keep, customers’ loyalty. The brands that are winning in this area are using data intelligently and creatively to develop an immersive and relevant experience.  
NOBULL was recognized for its shopper-first approach to brand experience in this year’s Brand Experience Awards. Initially starting as a “cult favorite” for the CrossFit community, NOBULL has scaled its product recommendation and personalization strategy to better understand and cater to a much broader audience.  
By identifying who each of its shoppers are, what they’re interested in, and which products they interact with, NOBULL was able to match its community of runners, trainers and lifters with personalized product recommendations that authentically fit their individual training needs. The brand can now scale its personalized communications no matter where the shopper is online or how large its audience becomes. This scalability enables the brand to nurture shoppers into lifelong customers that buy again and again. 
NOBULL partnered with Bluecore on this long-term strategy to ensure that its retention-driven growth strategy was rooted in deep shopper understanding. Bluecore dynamically pairs first-party shopper identity and behavioral data with NOBULL’s constantly changing product catalog, accounting for inventory levels and style attributes (e.g. material, color, size, and product type). It then leverages the resulting insights to deliver one-to-one (in-stock) product recommendations to hundreds of thousands of shoppers via email, digital ad channels and NOBULL’s ecommerce site. 

Some of NOBULL’s most notable campaigns and initiatives include:  

  • Expanded email personalization, including behavioral email campaigns and personalized batch emails. 
  • A Back-in-Stock campaign, powered by Bluecore Site Capture™, to inform anonymous and known site visitors when a product is out of stock so they can opt in to receive messages when wanted items are available again. 
  • Personalized website and paid media experiences via Facebook and Google. 

The results of this partnership are incredible. Most notably, NOBULL has been able to take a more proactive, data-driven approach to marketing and advertising, showing consumers that the brand understands them on a deeper level. NOBULL’s retention-driven growth strategy drove a repeat buyer rate of 46% and increased its predicted customer lifetime value by 30%. NOBULL’s email program, specifically, drove a 92% lift in conversions through merchandising triggers like price drops, new arrivals, and back-in-stock notifications alone. Its one-to-one product recommendations across channels have driven an increase in conversions, repeat buyers, and engagement with the brand. 
Beyond these up-front benefits, improved personalization also has helped the NOBULL team be more efficient and effective in its daily work. When shoppers receive recommendations for in-stock products in their specific sizes, they are less likely to contact service reps, who are already strapped for time and resources. Fewer queries mean reps have more time to spend on revenue-generating activities and that consumers have a better overall experience.  

Read more about NOBULL’s game-changing, community-building retention strategy by checking out our 2022 Brand Experience Awards report. You also can see other incredible stories from brands like Crocs, Dollar General, PacSun and so many more.  

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