D2 Summit, the Ultimate Destination for Web3, Comes to #RICE23 - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

D2 Summit, the Ultimate Destination for Web3, Comes to #RICE23

2022 was a big year for the metaverse. Some would even say that was the year when the hype cycle spun out of control. Web3, crypto and decentralization became part of the common vernacular, especially in the retail industry.  
Sure, the hype cycle has slowed, but that doesn’t mean the metaverse mania is over. If anything, it’s a bit more…well, realistic. By that, we mean that brands and retailers are exploring ways to thoughtfully integrate these cutting-edge technologies and experiences into their omnichannel strategies through methods that align with the brand promise and, most of all, align with customer wants and needs. (If you’re looking for some examples to inspire you, you also can check out Retail TouchPoints for the latest and greatest stories on the metaverse, NFTs and other Web3 topics.)  

As we explore what’s new and what’s next in connected commerce, we know that the metaverse, NFTs and more generally Web3 need to be explored. To give these exciting, yet complex, concepts the “airtime” they deserve, we’re bringing in the experts.  

D2: Decentralization Deciphered is an educational platform and community that connects Fortune 1000 companies and brands with Web3 innovation through in-person events and year-round digital content. They’ll host a day’s worth of content on June 13 with a co-located conference, D2 Summit: Retail Edition, at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo. By bringing the top minds in retail and Web3 together, they’ll curate a thoughtful conversation around what these immersive experiences mean for brands as they prioritize omnichannel growth and brand longevity. (You definitely won’t want to miss some of the incredible brands they’ll have on their agenda!) 
All-Access Pass holders will get access to all D2 Summit: Retail Edition sessions, so you can answer some critical questions like:  

  • Does Web3 really make sense for my retail brand? 
  • What is the metaverse and how can we embrace it? 
  • Who should take charge of these projects? 
  • How should we invest in Web3 and the metaverse over the next 12 to 24 months? 
  • How do NFTs connect to community and loyalty creation? 
  • How can we reimagine our current experiences for a Web3 world? 
  • What gaming platforms make sense for our brand? 
  • Which of my peers have ventured into the metaverse successfully? How can my team learn from them? 

Register now to guarantee access to these dynamic sessions and conversations. Super Early Bird pricing is available now through April 6!  

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