Coty Execs Join the #RICE23: First-Hand Insights on the Next Era of Brand Storytelling - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Coty Execs Join the #RICE23: First-Hand Insights on the Next Era of Brand Storytelling

Coty Inc. has a vibrant history, dating back more than 100 years. Its portfolio of consumer brands and prestige brands represent some of the best in the biz, from Gucci Beauty to Kylie Cosmetics.

Its safe to say the Coty team has seen firsthand how dynamically the luxury, fragrance and beauty shopping experiences have evolved. That’s why they’re the perfect sources to help us dig into the new rules of brand storytelling amid digital-physical convergence during the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo. The session, which is part of the Design:Retail Conference program, will dig into the unique challenges and opportunities that exist today for fragrance and cosmetics categories, which hinge on rich, tactile engagement with products.

Our speakers, Mark D’Avirro and Katrese Kirk offer a unique perspective because they are deep in the field. They are telling distinct brand stories and ensuring consistency across sales, marketing, merchandising, education, relationships and recruitment in stores; and they have first-hand experience seeing how digital influence is shaping how people experience products in brick-and-mortar. During their session, they’ll share how they track and respond to know industry forces that will impact the way new and existing customers connect with products. Key topics will include:

  • The new realities of consumer behaviors, and how the rising influence of social media and influencer marketing are impacting beauty and fragrance trends.
  • How these digital behaviors are crossing over into physical environments, and what consumers are looking for in each “world.”
  • How brands can harness the unique power of digital capabilities in stores, while also applying sensory principles to digital content and storytelling.
  • Ways the new retail environment is shaping talent recruitment, and the skills they’re seeking to bring their organization into the future.

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