Attendee Takeaways: Krysta Lewis, CEO & Founder, Aisling Organics - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Attendee Takeaways: Krysta Lewis, CEO & Founder, Aisling Organics

We love spotlighting founders that are not only passionate about retail but are focused on creating meaningful and helpful products for consumers. Enter: Krysta Lewis (aka: the clean beauty queen!). 

Krysta Lewis is the CEO and Founder of Aisling Organics, a high-performance organic makeup brand. With a focus on both purpose and profit, Krysta was inspired to launch Aisling Organics when she realized the unregulated chemicals in our cosmetics were causing chronic illness. Because there were no effective alternatives on the market, she started the business and within two years of launch, Lewis built one of the most successful ecommerce start-ups and grown an extensive following with recognition of one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2018 and Young Entrepreneur of the year (Go, Krysta!). 

It must be no surprise then that Krysta was one of the top-rated speakers at the IRCE (Internet Retailer) micro-conference as part of the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo this past May. She’s also an active member of the IRCE advisory board, always bringing solid insights to the group on how to enhance customer engagement, sustainability efforts, social commerce strategies and much more. She is truly a wealth of knowledge! 

Check out our Q&A with Krysta to see what she was most surprised by during #RICE22. 

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE): What were your key takeaways from attending the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo? 
Krysta Lewis: My biggest takeaway from RICE was that marketing strategies are quickly evolving and unless you jump onboard when they are just beginning, you are at a disadvantage. That’s why attending a conference that has visionaries as speakers is a game-changer.  

RICE: Regarding the session content, did anything stand out or surprise you? What was new/noteworthy for you? 
Lewis: I was surprised by how NFTs are evolving and being incorporated by brands of all sizes. One session spoke about how beverage brands capitalized on this at Coachella and I found that both innovative and noteworthy.  

RICE: What are you planning to prioritize in 2023 and how did the event help validate this for you? 
Lewis: In 2023, as a beauty brand, our focuses are on live selling/shopping and strategies to acquire customers for less. Thankfully, RICE validated that these areas are where many brands are focusing their time and provided us with best practices to implement prior to Q4! 

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