Attendee Takeaways: Chip Cook, Senior Retail Design Manager, M&M’s Retail - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Attendee Takeaways: Chip Cook, Senior Retail Design Manager, M&M’s Retail

There’s something magical and motivating about being at an in-person event. You’re surrounded by people who have similar passions and even get to learn from people who have different skills and backgrounds. And when you get the chance to break away from your day-to-day work, you can focus on fostering new relationships that spark new ideas, new innovations and even new career opportunities!

Simply put, onsite, in-person energy is infectious, ripe with educational and networking opportunities. That’s why we’ve loved hearing from attendees about their top lessons and takeaways from the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo!

Chip Cook, Senior Retail Design Manager at M&M’s Retail, attended #RICE22 with several team members. They strategically divided (and conquered) the event by breaking into different tracks and sharing key takeaways with each other. (We fully endorse this approach. 😉) Get the scoop on his experience and see how he’s applying some of the learnings to his work in 2023.

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo team (RICE): What were your key takeaways from attending the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo?

Chip Cook: The conference and expo were a good reminder that retail can no longer be just somewhere someone buys something. Retailers and brands need to show up in a way that explains why they deserve to exist. The landscape is competitive, and retail needs to bring a positive impact to consumers’ lives. 

RICE: Did any sessions stand out or surprise you? What takeaways did you feel like you could take back to your team?

Cook: It was reassuring and rewarding to see and hear how many brands are still prioritizing visual in this tough retail environment. Visual is often an easy target in tough times, but truly great brands understand the value it brings and the impact it can have on the brand in the long term.

RICE: What are you planning to prioritize in 2023 and how did the event help validate your decisions?

Cook: I want to focus on adding value to our guests’ lives every time they interact with us. Retail has transformative power and I plan on making the most of it.

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