5 Ways We’re Leveling Up the Virtual Event Model

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While we wish we could hold the Retail Innovation Conference in-person this year, we’re thrilled to bring you a top-notch virtual experience. We know it’s been a long couple of years behind the screen, but there are still plenty of reasons to stay hyped for virtual events…especially this one!   

1. You Can Connect with Experts on the Issues That Matter to You

When an event is held in person, it limits who is able to attend. Issues with childcare, scheduling and more can prevent hopeful attendees from being able to travel to a new city. Since #RIC21 is free and virtual, there will be more people for you to learn from. Our matchmaking program will make it easy for you to network with peers from around the world based on your interests.  

2. You Can Do More Than Just Listen

At a live event, it can sometimes feel like speakers are talking at you, not with you. Do more than just listen in at #RIC21 — you can join the conversation via small group roundtables and networking eventsIf you have a follow-up question during a session, you can even use the real-time chat function to get the answers you’re looking for. 

3. You Don't Even Have to Leave Your House

Ditch your high heels for slippers. Set aside your tie for a comfy robe. Perhaps the best part about virtual events is the commute time. Walk a few steps to your desk and you’re there! 

4. Virtual Swag is Better for the Environment

We love branded socks and beer koozies, but at a certain point, they just end up being clutter for your desk — and in landfills. At #RIC21, we’ll have a dedicated Virtual Swag zone where you can pick out prizes you’ll really use. 

5. You’ll Get a First Look at the Hottest Retail Technology

With so many options out there, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the right solutions for your unique goals. At #RIC21, you’ll be able to explore a curated marketplace of the hottest up-and-coming technologies before anyone else. 

Experience all of this and more at #RIC21.
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