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D2 Summit, the Ultimate Destination for Web3, Comes to #RICE23

2022 was a big year for the metaverse. Some would even say that was the year when the hype cycle spun out of control. Web3, crypto and decentralization became part of the common vernacular, especially in the retail industry.   Sure, the hype cycle has slowed, but that doesn’t mean the metaverse mania is over. If […]

2023 Store Tours: Go Inside Chicago’s Retail Scene with Insider Trends

Manhattan has always been considered the top retail city in the U.S., but we believe that Chicago is an oft-overlooked hotbed for new store concepts and cutting-edge tech implementations.   That’s why we’re excited to launch our latest Guided Store Tours for the 2023 Retail Innovation Conference & Expo. And we’re extra excited to share […]

CPG Connect: Where Brands Can Uncover New Business Opportunities and Value Drivers

The growth playbook for CPG (consumer-packaged goods) brands has evolved. There are so many new opportunities for them to reach, acquire and engage consumers so they can implement a long-term playbook for growth.   According to McKinsey, the CPG industry is currently valued at approximately $2 trillion. Now more than ever, it’s critical for founders and […]

Future Commerce Brings the Visions Summit to #RICE23

Future Commerce is a retail and ecommerce source for the risk takers. Those who want to stretch their thinking and look at the world of commerce in a completely new way. From the Nine by Nine report, to VISIONS Report and their newest multi-channel and multi-media concept Archetypes, Future Commerce is known for creating content […]

Ari Peralta Joins RICE as Sensory Design Innovation Chair

Brands are going beyond creating signature scents and taking a deep dive into sensory design, creating a unified and harmonious experience that works the way we do — with all senses involved. Sensory design happens everywhere and anywhere we feel. Think of the senses as an embodied biological language our brains come pre-equipped with. This […]

Retail TouchPoints Reveals 2022 Innovator Award Winners!

For nearly a decade, Retail TouchPoints (RTP) has strived to spotlight executive leaders and practitioners dedicated to driving their organizations forward. Founded at a time when omnichannel shopping behaviors were emerging and evolving, the Retail Innovator Awards bring these execs to the forefront, spotlighting the work they’ve done to:   Implement innovative technologies to support business […]

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