What's Your Omnichannel Personality? - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

What’s Your Omnichannel Personality?

May 11
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CT
sharon gee
Sharon Gee



Anyone who has spent time researching ecommerce growth strategies can see that omnichannel selling is the key to success. But here’s what you won’t see: all businesses aren’t created equal. Each one has a different strategy, a different level of maturity and different growth goals in mind. “Omni” doesn’t necessarily mean “all.” It depends on your business.

Join Sharon Gee, Vice President of Omnichannel Partnerships at BigCommerce, as she breaks down the different “personality types” of businesses, and outlines the strengths, strategies and tactics that each can leverage to drive growth. You’ll learn:
• Top trends in today’s omnichannel landscape;
• What kind of strategy works best for your business;
• Where and how you should be selling right now; and
• Strategies for growth into new channels.

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