Using Advanced AI To Minimize Innovation Costs & Risks

October 14
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET
Marlos Silva
Orlando Ribas Fernandes
XnFinity-XNFY Lab

While accelerating innovation is vital for retailers moving forward, there can be significant risks and costs involved. That’s why SONAE and other retailers are collaborating with XNFY Lab to transform the way companies acquire and analyze data, in addition to providing a plug-and-play approach to launching innovation initiatives. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, the TAI4R (Tailored Artificial Intelligence solutions for Retail) project is helping retailers like SONAE:  

  • Minimize costs and risks of innovation;   
  • Implement use-cases to exploit the potential of AI in retail;  
  • Foster the adoption of AI and provide close-to-market AI solutions; and  
  • Use on-demand AI to make stores smarter as e-Commerce platforms.

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