Understanding (and Responding) to Shopper Promiscuity: Tips and Takeaways for Marketers and CX Leads - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Understanding (and Responding) to Shopper Promiscuity: Tips and Takeaways for Marketers and CX Leads

May 11
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CT
Rebecca Brooks
Rebecca Brooks
Alter Agents



Today’s shoppers have limitless options and information at their fingertips, and they’re taking advantage of that power. A new study conducted by Alter Agents further proves this point, finding that 76% of shoppers — even the impulsive ones — want to be as informed as possible when making a purchase decision. Shopper promiscuity is also rising as brand loyalty fades and people constantly examine new options. This reality has a host of implications for marketers.

Where are shoppers going for their information? How influential is it to them? What opportunities do brands and retailers have to intersect with shoppers at the right time? This session will cover best practices for approaching shopping insights in this new landscape, providing tangible solutions to help brands understand the modern shopper. In this session, attendees will:

· Explore the new in-depth study, based on a decade’s worth of shopper research that started with the groundbreaking “Zero Moment of Truth” study for Google in 2011;
· Discover how to find out where shoppers are going for information and how influential those information sources are on the purchase decision; and
· Look at the shopping process, comparing initial conceptions and information gathering habits to final purchase decisions.

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