They Don’t Care About Your Dashboard: Get Your Retail Frontline the Visibility You Both Need - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

They Don’t Care About Your Dashboard: Get Your Retail Frontline the Visibility You Both Need

May 10
5:00 pm – 5:50 pm CT
Courtney Ulrich Smith
Courtney Ulrich Smith
Doug Mitchell
Doug Mitchell


Smart retailers know they need to empower frontline teams with the ability to make informed decisions in the moment. The main question for retail leaders then becomes, how? How do you align the strategic view of the home office with the day-to-day experiences of frontline workers? Additionally, how can you anticipate the consumer learnings and pain points your frontline employees experience every day?

Courtney Ulrich Smith and Doug Mitchell work closely with some of the biggest retailers to understand how to create strong communication processes and operationalize data initiatives to create empowered teams who aren’t just surviving, but thriving. Join them as they walk attendees through ways to use technology and existing data to empower both frontline and home office employees — helping them feel more fulfilled in their roles, increasing productivity and reducing silos, and making operations more transparent and effective. Attendees will:
• Learn how to identify gaps in utilizing the frontline for stronger data insights;
• Examine case studies of retailers that have bridged the gap between corporate and in-store teams; and
• A problem-solving framework to ingest critical data from both frontline and home office.

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