The Future Of Influence: Storytelling With A Purpose

October 14
1:00 pm – 1:30 pm ET
Conor Riley
Luxie Beauty
Andréa Bernholt
Allison Roy
Moderator: Allison Roy

By 2022, brands are expected to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing, according to Business Insider Intelligence — but in the wake of a global pandemic, nationwide protests and an upcoming election, many marketers are wondering what the future of influencer marketing will look like in the ever-changing landscape of the “New Normal.” In this session, we will explore how brands can partner with influencers to create relatable, meaningful and innovative content to enrich the customer experience. Join us to learn:  

  • How to engage with the right influencers for your brand;  
  • Tips for pivoting a content strategy in response to current events or a crisis;  
  • Why taking a community-based approach to influencer and content marketing is important;  
  • What top brands are doing to level up their influencer partnerships across the customer journey

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