Startup Innovation Lab #2

October 14
10:00 am – 11:00 am ET
Ken Fenyo
Coresight Research

Startups Presenting:

Touchless Retail: Simbe Robotics – – Simbe’s first product, Tally, is the world’s first fully autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution

Business Agility: Banyan – – a powerful and transparent interchange platform between banks and merchants for SKU data.

Digital Commerce: Anagog – – AI-powered smartphone-based contextual marketing solution that enables companies to collect valuable consumer behavior data from their daily interactions to deliver personalized and localized experiences.

Experiential Initiatives: 3DLook – – SaaS solution that provides mobile body scanning technology using computer vision, 3D geometry and neural networks to enable accurate human body measurement from photos taken on a mobile device.

E-Commerce Optimization: Newmine – – AI-powered returns reduction platform that helps retailers manage and reduce returns by collecting internal and external data, incorporating data science for analysis, alerting the relevant teams to root causes in near real time, managing resolutions and measuring success.

Omnichannel Fulfillment: Position Imaging – – enables logistic efficiency with new and advanced tracking technologies used to provide visibility throughout the logistics chain.

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