Ready Player Three: Commerce Enters the World of Gaming and eSports - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Ready Player Three: Commerce Enters the World of Gaming and eSports

May 11
11:30 am – 12:15 am CT
Matt Maher
Matt Maher
M7 Innovations



With over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, $180 billion in annual revenue and 27.9 billion hours watched in 2020, the gaming and eSports industry has grown to become a dominant force in entertainment and culture. This session will uncover how gaming has created the new digital living rooms, malls and arenas of tomorrow, quickly transcending to become the next evolution of social media. Most importantly, the presentation dives into how brands and retailers can find their niche in these immersive, interactive, and captive environments.

You will learn:
• Why eSport athletes are more potent and powerful than top social influencers;
• What best-in-class marketing executions look like in all types of games and eSports;
• How the landscape will expand as Netflix, Meta, Peloton and multiple players “join the Game”; and
• Predictions for the three trends we’ll see this decade.

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