Pivoting During A Pandemic: Online Marketing Reprioritized

October 14
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET
Ian Leslie
Industry West

Over the past six months, e-Commerce marketers have been faced with unprecedented challenges. While historically low CPMs may have led to lower CPAs, AOVs also have fallen, fewer companies are placing large trade orders and foot traffic, for the most part, has not been walking into showrooms. (In non-marketing-geek terms, that means it’s cheaper than ever to advertise online and capture new visitors to your site, but your conversion rates are falling.) How do companies navigate this new landscape with an eye toward profitability? Learn how Ian Leslie, CMO of DTC home furnishings retailer Industry West, recommends re-prioritizing your marketing strategy. 

In this session, learn how to: 

  • Determine which marketing levers should be ramped up; 
  • Assess items that need to fall by the wayside; and 
  • Prioritize profitability in your online marketing strategy. 

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