LOVE IS A VERB: Rethinking Relationship Building in a “Digital Retail” World - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

LOVE IS A VERB: Rethinking Relationship Building in a “Digital Retail” World

May 12
9:00 am – 9:45 am CT
Ken Hughes
Ken Hughes
Glacier Consulting



In our rapidly evolving “digital first” world, it can all become very transactional. While digital convenience continues to accelerate (get everything you need in one-click, one-swipe, instantly) it can be very transactional, very two-dimensional, and often lacks any depth, empathy or connection. And while we speak a lot about customer lifetime value, brand loyalty and shopper experience, we have to ask ourselves some hard questions relating to how we intend to build relationships deep enough to make an impact across the digital landscape.  
The acceleration of new technology will drive digital transformation even further, and we’ll see the “blue dot consumer” continue to evolve. But how can retailers truly understand what these consumers want and expect out of the shopping experience, while also meeting their innate needs for connection, empathy and meaningful relationships? During this session, consumer behavioralist Ken Hughes will provide attendees with an actionable scorecard that will help them assess and improve their customer relationships. He will:   

  • Investigate the evolution of the “blue dot consumer” and how the pandemic has accelerated their hunger to connect and co-create with others;
  • Outline the 10 key attributes for successful human relationships and map them on to our customer interactions; and
  • Provide a tactical report card that will set retail leaders and practitioners up for success. 

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