How Your High-Performing Peers Are Experimenting to Ace Online Retail Experiences - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

How Your High-Performing Peers Are Experimenting to Ace Online Retail Experiences

May 11
9:30 am – 10:10 am CT
Craig Smith



The last two years accelerated a shift towards online buying habits, increasing both the effectiveness and cost of doing business online while forcing a lot more competition as spaces get saturated. Come join us for an intimate discussion on the new ways leading companies are experimenting to engage customers with online experiences that convert.

Advanced testing, increased personalization, and heightened integration between backend and frontend processes (and teams!) have proven key to making online platforms and presence more effective. New technologies have empowered companies to experiment and dive deep into their digital platform, refine the online experience, and achieve greater results.
How are online retail brands experimenting with new channels, optimizing existing ones and improving the performance of their digital properties?
What are companies’ key considerations for their online platform and audiences in 2022 and beyond?
How do personalized user experiences powered by new technologies impact company performance and the bottom line?
In a saturated market, how are leading companies creating distinct, memorable user experiences?

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