Exceeding Customer Expectations In Holiday 2020 & Beyond

October 14
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm ET
Andy Knosp

In 2020 the world changed dramatically. We’ve seen an evolution of e-Commerce and digital commerce as the primary way customers engage with the companies and brands that they love. 

In this lunch and learn, we’ll discuss how to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations while delivering more personalized service. 

Attendees will find out how to: 

  • Leverage thought leadership from leading brands to navigate the future successfully; 
  • Transform the customer service department from a cost center into a revenue generator with radically personal customer experiences; 
  • Seamlessly and rapidly onboard customer agents to handle unpredictable fluctuations in the volume of digital transactions; and 
  • Plan for and staff a flexible team of full-time and on-demand agents to handle spikes in traffic volumes that will likely create scheduling challenges if not approached in the right way. 

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We’re designing this event to emphasize one-to-one networking and matchmaking, as well as highly tailored, action-oriented content. Our goal is to create a collaborative, candid environment for executive leaders to connect, share stories and develop plans that they can apply as soon as they get back to the office.

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