Diversity, Disruption And The Unknown Future Of Retail

October 13
11:00 am – 11:45 am ET
Frans Johannsson
Frans Johansson
The Medici Group

The retail industry is experiencing disruption and reinvention at unprecedented speed, forcing companies to innovate or risk obsolescence. Moreover, the unique challenges afforded to companies by a global pandemic add new layers of complexity to an industry already dealing with issues around digitization, the war for talent, market gains from nonretailers, etc. Companies hoping to succeed in this new normal must quickly transition from the traditional organizational structure, that of divisions and departments that result in silos, to a new model of fast-moving, diverse and inclusive teams that can rapidly uncover new and innovative pathways. Diversity and inclusion are imperative to the success of these teams and in fact, the driver of their innovative capacity.  

Frans Johansson has made it his life’s mission to prepare leaders and organizations around the world for this future. His high-energy, fast-paced keynotes have become legendary for how quickly they can drive leaders to action—and have made Johansson one of the most compelling speakers in the world. He is the author of The Medici Effect (Harvard Business Press, 2004 & 2017), and The Click Moment (Penguin Portfolio, 2012). Through engaging case studies and practical insights, this session will allow leaders to:  

  • Understand why the most powerful intersection in the world today is between innovation & strategy and diversity & inclusion – and what this means for them;  
  • Learn how diverse and inclusive teams can and will play a critical role in navigating a fast-moving world and will be the source of the next generation of game-changing ideas; and 
  • Get inspired on how they can further accelerate their institution’s journey and leadership mindset to reach the next level on the innovation curve. 

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