Bringing Digital Content & Communities to Stores: 5 Fresh Ideas to Test and Scale - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Bringing Digital Content & Communities to Stores: 5 Fresh Ideas to Test and Scale

May 11
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CT

Beth Warren
Beth Warren
Creative Realities


How can retailers effectively bring various content streams together to elevate the power and promise of incremental commerce at the store level? It’s all about creating a brand-relevant, and engaging, interplay between branded content, influencers and social platforms where it matters most: at the point of decision in stores. This session will spotlight the modern tech stacks and platforms required to operationalize and deliver this vision, as well as compelling use cases they can power for single flagships or at scale. Together, we’ll unpack and explore:

  • How the DAM, CMS and AI come together to drive meaningful personalization;
  • Examples of innovative brand examples and their industry-leading case studies; and
  • The top five fresh ideas to help automate, inspire and future-proof your ability to go from Customer Experience to Commerce Experience

If you’re a retail exec in CX, omnichannel, in-store/visual merchandising or retail operations who wants to understand how to amortize your branded and community content at the store level through existing tech platforms, this session will show you what’s possible, practical and powerful.

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