A Resale Renaissance: How Marketplaces Are Driving the Recommerce Boom - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

A Resale Renaissance: How Marketplaces Are Driving the Recommerce Boom

May 11
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CT
Geronimo Chala
Geronimo Chala
Anna Brockway
Anna Brockway
Richard Kestenbaum
Richard Kestenbaum (moderator)
Triangle Capital LLC

Recommerce continues to surge as consumers focus more on sustainability, while trying to buy discounted, luxury items. The recommerce revolution reached a tipping point during the pandemic — and that is thanks to powerful marketplaces that support community engagement and seamless browsing, buying and selling.

Join this session to get diverse perspectives on what drives recommerce success and how marketplaces will continue to support the movement. Topics will include:

• Customer behaviors and expectations of the recommerce experience;
• The unique capabilities and drivers of a successful recommerce marketplace and platform; and
• How leading-edge tech, personalization and customer relationship management will support sustainable growth for marketplaces and its sellers.

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