Rethinking Collaboration In A WFH World: Lessons From Olivela

October 13
4:45 pm – 5:15 pm ET
Matthew Alland

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses around the world had to rethink the way they worked. For luxury retailer Olivela, that meant transforming day-to-day processes in order to support the business — and keep employees sane. During this session, Chief Experience Officer Matthew Alland will reveal how the company empowered teams to maintain collaboration and successfully roll out new content and experiences that drove customer engagement. By attending, you’ll learn how Olivela: 

  • Refined its approach to meetings to mitigate “Zoom fatigue”;  
  • Implemented new social and cultural experiences to keep employees engaged;  
  • Supported real-time collaboration and idea sharing to accelerate innovation; and  
  • Ramped up digital content and campaign creation in order to adapt to changing customer needs.  

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