Tuesday, June 16

  • 11:30am

  • Retail Innovator Awards Luncheon
    Location: The Yale Club of New York – 50 Vanderbilt Ave, New York, NY 10017

  • 02:30pm

  • Store Tours
    Location: Duane Reade, Rebecca Minkoff, Warby Parker, Birchbox, and others!

  • 07:00pm

  • Opening Night Reception
    Location: Pera SoHo – 54 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

Wednesday, June 17

  • 07:30am

  • Registration & Breakfast
    Location: Apella – 450 East 29th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10016

  • 08:30am

  • Opening Address
     Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints

  • 08:40am

  • Opening Keynote: How To Look People In The Eye Digitally
    Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators


    Ted will re-introduce us to the one-on-one communication skills we’ve forgotten in our rush to embrace new technologies. He will show us how we’ve let social and mobile technologies hold us back, and teach us new ways to use the people skills we already have to stay connected digitally in an authentic, human way.
  • 09:45am

  • Retail Transformers Panel: Enabling Business Transformation With Innovation Labs
    Scott Emmons, Head of Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab, Neiman Marcus
    Kandis Yoakum, Content Curator, Zappos
    Moderator: Alicia Fiorletta, Senior Editor, Retail TouchPoints


    In today’s competitive, omnichannel climate, businesses must remain agile and adapt swiftly to changing customer demands and expectations. These businesses also must keep pace with new technologies and communication touch points. During this panel, we’ll find out how two leading organizations embrace innovation labs to accelerate evolution and facilitate collaboration across the organization. Topics include:

      • Getting C-level buy in;
    • Building the Innovation Lab;
    • Developing a testing-and-learning strategy; and
    • Recent success stories and lessons learned.
  • 10:15am

  • Networking Break / Innovation Inspiration Sessions

  • 10:45am

  • Retail Innovator Award Winners Panel
    Susan Soares, Vice President of Retail Operations, Alex & Ani
    Nina Alexander-Hurst, VP of Customer Experience and SWAT* (*Service With Accessorizing Talent), BaubleBar
    Judah Keim, Corner Shop Store Leader, Harry’s
    Kelly Loubet, Senior Social Media Strategist, Origami Owl
    Moderator: Gary Schwartz, Founder and CEO, Impact Mobile

  • 11:50am

  • First-Hand Accounts Panel
    Bricks Get Digital: Redefining The Physical Store
    Rafeh Masood, VP of Customer Innovation Technology, DICK’s Sporting Goods
     Josh Marti, CEO and Co-Founder, Point Inside
    Moderator: Alicia Fiorletta, Senior Editor, Retail TouchPoints

    Session Sponsored By: Point Inside

  • 12:20pm

  • Topic Table Lunch Groups

  • 01:20pm

  • Afternoon Keynote
    True Retail Innovators & Disruptors: Who Is Ahead Of The Times?
    Maureen Mullen, Co-Founder, Head of Research & Advisory, L2


    Even in the competitive and volatile retail industry, select brands have been able to Amazon-proof their business with forward-thinking digital and omnichannel strategies. What do these brands have in common? Is it their first-mover advantage in launching e-Commerce or partnerships with Amazon? What do store closures say about the health of a brand? Co-Founder and Head of Research & Advisory at L2, Maureen Mullen finds threads that separate digitally “Gifted” and “Genius” brands from the “Feeble” and “Challenged.” Mullen also will discuss the other key trends disrupting retail as we know it.
  • 02:20pm

  • Retail Transformers: Improving Collaboration In The Modern Retail Workforce
    Kandis Yoakum, Content Curator, Zappos


    Encouraging collaboration across the organization can help retailers create new bonds, challenge employees and develop successful initiatives that improve the customer experience. With its group of core teams, Zappos can test up to four projects at a time. Every few months, employees are added to different teams so they can learn something new and work on the projects they’re passionate about. The eTailer also ensures that all team members build and maintain long-lasting relationships with each other, which has a significant impact on employee engagement and loyalty. During this session, Kandis Yoakum of Zappos will unveil the inner-workings of the organization, and how its focus on collaboration and communication has encouraged business growth.
  • 02:50pm

  • Networking Break / Innovation Inspiration Sessions

  • 03:20pm

  • First-Hand Accounts Panel: The Future Of Retail
    Michael Brodesky, Senior Director, Product Management, Ralph Lauren
    Dr. Venkatesh Shankar, Director of Research, Texas A&M Center for Retailing Studies
    Shane Desrochers, VP Sales and Operations, Epicor ShopVisible
    Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints


Session Sponsored By: Epicor

  • 03:50pm

  • 10 Minute Change Out

  • 04:00pm

  • Innovation Labs

    More Information

    Innovation Lab #1:
    Carin van Vuuren, Chief Marketing Officer, Usablenet
    Sponsor: Usablenet

    Innovation Lab #2:
    Customer Advocacy
    Speaker: Scott Samios, Chief Revenue Officer, Extole
    Sponsor: Extole

    Innovation Lab #3:
    Associate-Facing Mobility Technology
    Nelson Gomez, Director of Retail Sales, HP
    Michael Lambert, Manager, Retail Solutions, HP
    Sponsor: HP

    Innovation Lab #4:
    Information Accuracy In An Omnichannel World
    Ned McCauley, Director Retail Strategic Accounts at Tyco Integrated Security
    Sponsor: Tyco Retail Solutions

  • 04:30pm

  • 10 Minute Change Out

  • 04:40pm

  • Innovation Labs

    More Information

    Innovation Lab #5:
    People Powered Innovation
    Larry Glenn, VP Platform and Systems Development, HBC Digital at Hudson’s Bay Company
    Sponsor: ThoughtWorks

    Innovation Lab #6:
    Venu Gopalakrishnan, CEO & Founder, Litmus7 Systems Consulting
    Mani Subramaniam, President, Business Focus Group, Litmus7 Systems Consulting
    Sponsor: Litmus7 Systems

    Innovation Lab #7:
    Beacon Technology
    Rob Murphy, VP of Marketing at Swirl Networks
    Sponsor: Swirl Networks

    Innovation Lab #8:
    Cassie Lancellotti-Young, EVP of Customer Success, Sailthru
    Sponsor: Sailthru

  • 05:10pm

  • 10 Minute Change Out

  • 05:20pm

  • Closing Keynote
    From Innovation To Execution: Best Practices For Retailing In The Age Of The Customer

    Adam Silverman, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


    It is clear that customer expectations are forever changed. Shoppers expect their retailer of choice to create a consistent and relevant experience across all channels and touch points, both digital and physical. However, retailers are faced with a myriad of technologies and solutions, many of which are unproven. Adam Silverman, Principal Analyst at Forrester, will discuss the changing expectations of customers, the technology available to meet customer expectations, and recommendations on how build a connected digital business.
  • 05:50pm

  • Closing Remarks
     Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints

  • 06:00pm

  • End of Retail Innovation Conference 2015

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